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Welcome to Lexi

We are your personalised learning platform. Our technology allows us to curate the most relevant and focused vocabulary to fill your needs. We gather documents from all over the web and feed them into our algorithm, guaranteeing that you are provided with industry specifc validated learning courses. Whether you are brushing up on your medical terminology or wanting to learn how to talk about computer vision, Lexi can help you realise your potential.

Industry Specific

Our courses are tailored to suit your industry. We break each industry down to the key fundamentals, allowing you to learn the most relevant vocabulary first.

Personalised Learning Curve

Through our integrated rating system we can show you exactly how much you improve by and where your strengths lie.

Bite Sized Courses

Every course is made up of short bite sized challenges to keep your learning evironment engaging.

Job Focused

Our primary focus is to get you the job that you deserve, all of our courses are targeted towards CV, interview and working success.

Our courses focus on the four main aspects of language


The foundation of any language! Learn the basics of comprehension with the help of our reading courses.


Learn how to compose grammatically correct pieces in your new language! Courses will make sure you're getting the fundamentals correct.


Put that reading and writing into practise! Learn accents, intonation and colloquialisms to ensure you're comfortable in any environment.


The cherry on top of a language proficiency! Engage with listening exercises to ensure your comprehension is stellar.


If you want to succeed in your industry you need to have a strong ability across these four skills!

Learning to love languages

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